Fashion Trends for 2018

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Fashion Trends For 2018

2018 has been a great year for fashion. Not only have old trends made their way back into the world of fashion.   innovative new trends too.  Fashion trends for 2018 have become more popular than ever before,  not only have all sorts of preferences been catered to in the world of fashion this year.  People are now also freer to dress as they’d like without the fear of being judged or criticized.

Needless to say, this has made way for a number of unique styles and trends to emerge.  Each of which is more promising and creative than the last.

Interested in learning more about some of the greatest fashion trends of 2018 ? Read on to find out everything you need to know about some of the most interesting fashion trends of the year 2018 and how you, too, can show off your personality.   By flaunting your very own unique style with the help of our collection at Store Vast!

Fashion Trends for 2018

Fashion has always been a topic of interest for quite a number of people, however, the creation of platforms.   Like Instagram and the emergence of social media influencers in the world of fashion.   Is only going to make these numbers rise.

Be it for their Instagram feeds or to make heads turn wherever they go, people are becoming more interested in following fashion trends. Fashion has become a more talked-about subject with each passing day. And since we know how much you’d love to hop on the bandwagon, we’re letting you in on some of the best fashion trends – and secrets – that you should consider next time you want to revamp your wardrobe with Store Vast.

Checkered fashion trends for 2018

Fashion Trends For 2018

checkered clothes is back, from blue to red is available in this years fashion trend.

Remember seeing your favorite actors and actresses from the 60s donning checkered prints, leaving you fantasizing about the day that you, too, would be able to slay in those outfits without being stared down as if you were a clown at a black tie event or something? Luckily for you, your time has finally come!

fashion trends for 2018, has brought back checkered prints.  Not only acceptable, but also finally in style! While checkered prints never really went out of style for trousers and blazers (why would they?), it is now also possible for you to find skirts, jackets, and coats in the print.

This is your chance to live the fashion trend of 2108,  dream and look like a movie star from the last century (don’t we all), and the best part everyone else is wearing them too! What makes fashion trends for 2018 special is checkered prints such an attractive option is the fact that they can help you pull off any look regardless of whether you want to wear floral prints that day or solid prints are your cup of tea.

Fringe Fashion trends for 2018

Gone are the days when you’d be called out for wearing or accessorizing your outfits with items that have fringes on them. From runway models to actresses, everyone has collectively joined hands to welcome fringes back into the world of fashion – and what a welcome it has been!

Today, you not only find handbags and clutches with fringes, but it’s also en vogue for you to wear shirts, blazers, and even coats with loosely hanging fringes that speak for themselves. They are a true fashion statement in every sense of the word, and look great when worn with bold, solid colors since they put the unique ‘personality’ of the fringe in the spotlight.

Floral Prints

Like checkered prints, certain types of florals have never really gone out of fashion, but it’s the retro floral prints that have finally made a much-needed comeback! And like bees, everyone wants a piece. Large floral prints that were popular in the middle of the last century have finally made their way back into the world of fashion on every type of clothing item imaginable from dresses and trousers to shirts – and even shoes.

The best part about large floral prints is that they not only make for graceful casual attire, but also make for extremely elegant formalwear, that too effortlessly. With their bold and exotic colors, and large petals and buds, the floral prints of today are bound to help you show off your colorful personality in a way that’s truly unique!

If you’re truly trying to add some jazz to your wardrobe with floral prints, it doesn’t get much better than spending on a floral kimono! Trust us on this, and you’ll thank us for the compliments you’ll get.

Buckled Shoes

Contrary to popular belief, buckled shoes are no longer an item that should only be limited to children and young teenagers. With brands like Zara and Dior incorporating buckled shoes into their collections, it truly goes without saying that they are the latest fashion item that you should get your hands on as soon as possible. While the retro style has still not been officially accepted as a trend by the majority, it is safe to say that buckled shoes are all set to become a part of every wardrobe.

The best part about the types of buckled shoes being launched this year is that they are not only extremely bold, but brands are now also ensuring that versatility is focused on when it comes to buckled shoes. That is exactly why buckles are now also increasingly being added to shoes like heels where buckled were not only unheard of in the past, but would’ve been the reason for a lot of criticism had they been worn even only a few decades ago. Fortunately, however, you can now browse through our unmatched collection at Store Vast today and check out the best buckled shoes to make a statement.

Jumpsuits and Rompers fashion trends for 21

Jumpsuit fans rejoice! 2018 has finally welcomed single colored, baggy utility rompers and jumpsuits with arms wide open, and people who want to be fashionable without putting in much effort couldn’t have been happier. Fortunately for many, jumpsuits and rompers are finally being given the importance and respect that they had earlier been stripped of, and instead of being called factory outfits, jumpsuits have finally become a fashion trend. The best part about the jumpsuits that are in style today is the fact that they are just as boxy and comfortable as they had always been, allowing you to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Even though the fact that jumpsuits and rompers are now available in all colors and can be bought with just about any kind of budget was enough reason for the masses to rejoice, we’ve got even better news! Since fashion brands have started paying attention to jumpsuits and rompers, they are finally available in a number of styles and can now even be worn as formalwear with heels! How’s that for innovation?

Retro Jewelry

Ever found yourself flipping through the pages of an old magazine to see large necklaces and oversized earrings that were apparently only acceptable in the 80s and wondered how you’d look in them? Your time has finally come!

Retro jewelry like oversized necklaces and hoop earrings have finally made their way back into the world of fashion and are becoming an important part of every look, be it casual, semi-formal or formal. If you truly want to be in line with the latest jewelry fashion  trends for 2018, our suggestion would be to ditch your subtle studs and delicate necklaces for jewelry that is more visible and bold. Since simple and subtle jewelry has been around for a while, we’re actually glad that retro options are finally coming back in style as this will allow more people to not only accessorize like they’d really like, but also enjoy it!

Chokers fashion trends for 2108

Chokers, too, are one of the most important items of retro jewelry that have come back with a bang. A fashion item that was initially introduced in the last century, chokers had practically disappeared for decades before they finally started making their way back into the fashion industry thanks to top brands, models, and actresses. Fortunately for many, the masses, too, weren’t the slightest bit hesitant about accepting the jewelry item and women of all ages have finally started wearing chokers once again! One great part about the chokers that are available today is the fact that they are now more stylish and available in quite a number of different styles and designs unlike the single colored, subtle chokers of the past.

Hanging, structured earrings, too, have become more popular than ever before. Categorized by shapes and patterns that get smaller as they go down, structured earrings can be worn on all sorts of dresses and formalwear and look especially good on clothing items that don’t have too many colors or prints on them. As always, we’d recommend using bold fashion jewelry with clothing items that aren’t as decorative or flashy to ensure that the jewelry is not only visible, but is also able to add value to your entire outfit without making it look like you’re trying too hard.


Sparkles has always been associated with eveningwear or formalwear that should only be worn after the sun sets, but that’s all set to change this year! 2018 is the year when daytime sparkles are not only acceptable, but also become a fashion trend. Sparkly dresses that give off unparalleled luster and shine when sunlight reflects off of them are not only gaining popularity like never before, but shirts and skirts, too, are now being embellished with sparkles allowing you to show off your style and be as bold and beautiful as you truly are!


That’s correct. PVC has become an important part of the fashion industry this year, and, by the looks of it, items made of PVC are here to stay for a while. Transparent PVC jackets, trench coats, and boots are now becoming popular especially thanks to major fashion brands and models who have very openly endorsed them.

While this is the one fashion trend that the most people are (understandably) hesitant about trying, there’s truly no better way of showing off how bold you are than accepting this trend before everyone hops on the bandwagon. Since we understand that you might be afraid of pulling off an item made of PVC, we recommend accepting the trend with something small and subtle like a pair of heels or boots. This way, you’ll not only be trendy, but also be playing it safe and giving yourself room to check whether incorporating more PVC-based items in your wardrobe is something that you’re really ready for.

Ready to become the trendiest of them all? Browse through our men’s fashion and women’s fashion collections at Store Vast today to see the latest and trendiest items in the world of fashion and buy your favorites to make a statement today!

August 2, 2018
August 2, 2018


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